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JavaScript or JS for developers

A brief explanation of javascript

   The word 'java' comes from the American argo and it means "coffee". I drink coffee ☕.

   I'm sending you on wikipedia. So, from what I've read, the company that created the JavaScript language also created the Java language. It has nothing to do with each other. Well, these are all 2 of the programming languages. But it's not the same language. Not at all.

   Javascript is very flexible as a language. One can use the Chrome browser to interact on web pages and test things.

   JS is part of the trio of front-end web languages. However, JS has evolved and it can also via frameworks interact on the back-end side.    JS allows, for example, to change the layout of the web page. At the top of the page, the hello in several languages was made in javascript.

Images to illustrate JS

   I propose you this gallery of images.

var let const
var let const

My personal comments on JS

   I learn by testing, sometimes by following tutorials and other times by looking at the documentation. Sometimes things are weird and you have to experiment to apprehend and then master.    I learned for example that innerHTML and textContent do not associate if I want to add multiple steps of text on a tag <div> and once in a while add to it a tag <br>. What's the point of wanting to do that? I don't know. I remember having taken several hours to try to figure out where the bug was that day. :)

   I will probably add more interesting comments about the JS code later.