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Hypertext Preprocessor

A brief introduction to PHP

   The PHP logo is an elephant. Why? Because you have to imagine. We imagine that the first P is the proboscis and an ear. Then the H represents 2 legs. And the last P is his buttocks. Well, that's the explanation I could find. This logo idea of what I understood does not come from the creator. The creator of this language lives in Greenland and probably he had to stay a lot of time in front of his computer to keep busy.

   I'm sending you on wikipedia. I learned how to use PHP with openClassRoom.

   Php is a server-side, back-end language. That is, it tap into the stored files on the computer that hosts my site and spin it to your browser that make a page you are currently looking at. For example, there, this page is not 'phew' (we agree) but as I tried to think upstream to manage several pages and 2 different sections plus the English version, I thought about how I was going to proceed for my work. So, I didn't do the nec plus ultra (because I don't know object-oriented programming yet) and I still am (in fact I will be all the time) in the learning phase. So, to get back to the topic, there, for this page, I send you 5 different files via 'include' and there is a mini php script included on each page to set the autofocus. Well, it was just to explain.


Is Php good?

   It's a pretty weird title that I propose to you here. In fact, you should know that the developers make "chapel wars". When we spend a large part of our time learning a language to master it, it sometimes seems that we do not want to learn another language or that we do not have great objectivity.

  I prefer to tell you right away, I am not an expert in development. Therefore my opinion is only mine. I touched a little bit on python, ruby and java. Even php, I don't didn't use it that much. At the time of writing, I am rusty in php. I had consecrated lately to javascript.

  Php is the most used language on the web. According to the sources I read, in 2018, 80% of the world's websites ran in php. In 2022, there are at least 50% of websites that still enable this language. So, this makes php an indispensable language. After, languages are similar most of the time...

  Php is reputed to be fast. After that, it all depends on how useful it is. As far as I am concerned, in the immediate future, to learn and make this site, it suits me very well.

  Since php is present everywhere on the web, documentation on this language is not uncommon. So, it allows me to find my way around. It seems that they have announced for more than 10 years the death of this language and he is still there the elephant. Same, now, we announce the death of javascript and I seriously doubt that he too dies like this.

  There are a lot of ad effects. Well, as said before, I am only a novice in the field.

An image gallery?

   No. As I told you, there are many languages and php is not very fashionable for some developers. The language is so ubiquitous that it does not even appear in some rankings of the most used programming language. I hid and pasted the network images of my dev and they are not very php. So, I'm just putting you an elephant. I love elephants.^^