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Hypertext Markup Language

What to say about HTML?

   It is always classy to display logos of what we know a little. After, dedicate a page on HTML without copying and pasting and make it interesting, it's not easy.

   The best thing is to take you on wikipedia and openClassRoom if you are a neophyte. You will notice that the logo of html5 but also those of css3 and javascript are shields, shields of knights of the Middle Ages 🛡️. I have tried to find out why the w3c (the www consortium) had defined this logo in 2011 (if I understood correctly). I found this page interesting from the past. But I do not have the answer for the shield. Is it to show that it is a solid language?

   In any case, we could talk about html now. 11 years have passed. The doctype that is written does not indicate any version.

   Html, for me, is indeed code. In any case, this language like css3 is part of the integrator's job and not of developer.

What is HTML used for?

   In practice, this code is used for 2 things, to put content and to structure it. We use what we call semantic tags.

Some images to illustrate HTML

   As sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words... I propose you this gallery images I recorded here and there.

Clearly defined sections of a web page
Clearly defined sections of a web page

My personal comments on HTML

   I will continue to learn how to code. I also intend to take care of my site and update regularly.

   So, on html, I don't have much to say. I have not met any particular difficulties. For now, my remark will be just on the tag canvas. I think we have to put it in a div to can see its html code that follows not eaten by javascript. I would have to review that.

Ah, I forgot, integrators can be affected by a symptom, this symptom is called div div div, it's a tendency to put div everywhere all the time. In fact, there are other tags, so you might as well use them cleanly. It's quite an art.