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Cascading Style Sheets

What to say about Css3 ?

   I take you on wikipedia for more information. This integration language did not exist at the beginning on the web. Those of my generation and the elderly who experienced the beginning of the Internet era surfed on very sober pages. You can go to openClassRoom to see the difference or on the twin page of it without css here (well, depending on the time, html could put images).

   In addition, this language allows responsive, that is to say the adaptation of the style of the pages: sizes of the texts and images depending on the size of the screen used. Sometimes you will not have access to the same data depending on whether you use a smartphone, a tablet or computer.

   Css is for aesthetics.

Some images to illustrate CSS

   I propose you this gallery images.

the position of the animals
the position of the animals

My personal comments on CSS

   If you want the text to appear when you hover the mouse, you can do it in css and here's how to do it:
HTML code :
< div id = 'hiGroup' >
< div id= 'sayHi' >sayHi< /div >
< div id= 'hi' >hi< /div >
< /div >

CSS code :
#hello{display: none}
#sayHello:hover ~ #hello{display: block;}

Hover over the word sayHi with your mouse:

   I also like the flex-wrap. This allowed me to manage the layout of the icons at the top.