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My codes

I have been learning computer development since 2020

   I've always loved logic and math. At the end of 2019, I was offered a programming book. I started seeing tutorials and documentation on the internet. The must-see openClassRoom is part of it. Today I will add the w3schools and the mdn. I went through school in 2021, a training that taught us to self-train. So, I continue to self-train. ☺

A non-exhaustive list of my work/exercises

   Below you will find a small catalog of some of my works that can be found on my website. They are arranged in antechronological order:

What I would like to learn next

   There are so many things I have to learn... 𝄽 In the immediate future, I have to redo my site. As I write, it is still in development. If you are reading me, it is because I managed to make this version 3 of my website (and I already know that everything will still have to be redone).    I want to learn how to make merchant sites, probably using prestashop even if I can succeed in a more artisanal way. Then, I would have to learn to master ajax to allow 2 chess or go players to play on the net. As I like math and I am curious, I want to learn how to use SVG and WebGL. I also have to master one day the command prompt of my computer. I would also have to learn OOP (object-oriented programming). To be used Json. At some point, I would also like to get into the heart of computer language, namely the C language and the assembler. In short, I opened a door, I glimpsed a whole universe but I am very far from having made the rounds.

When You Start In The Profession

When You Start In The Profession